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The company mainly produces complete sets of high-voltage electrical test equipment
Business philosophy

Business philosophy

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        The energetic Jiangsu Jinxiu High Voltage Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. will continue to pursue the business tenet of quality first, customer first, with good products, good reputation and complete after-sales service, to provide customers with good and reliable products, and to promote China Electric Power Make greater contributions to career development. We are using our own unique methods to make unremitting efforts for the civilization of the electrical industry. What we create is not only products, but also our noble and worthy character. We know that a good brand not only has a good product, but also needs to provide users with value-for-money services. The service staff of Jiangsu Jinxiu will meet the needs of users with a faster speed, better quality and better attitude, and work together with partners to create brilliant!



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Jiangsu Jinxiu High Voltage Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

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