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After-sales commitment

After-sales commitment

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1. Warranty period, scope and conditions:
The warranty period shall be five years after the equipment is put into operation normally, and it shall be maintained for life. After the warranty period expires, if the equipment used fails, the supplier will provide a solution within 30 minutes after receiving the call from the demander, and the solution will be resolved within one hour; if it cannot be resolved within one hour, the supplier will be responsible for sending someone to the site within 12 hours solve. Our company will continue to follow up the equipment. Outside the warranty period, we will be responsible for the repair or replacement of defective parts or the whole machine at the actual cost.

2. The speed of problem solving and troubleshooting:
After-sales service: We will answer the questions raised by users in detail within half an hour; once technical or quality problems occur, we will send personnel to the scene within 12 hours in the province, 24 hours in general areas, and 72 hours in remote areas after receiving the user’s notice. Assist in processing, freeing users from worries.

3. Other commitments on after-sales service (installation, regular inspections, etc.)
In order to ensure the normal installation and operation of the whole set of equipment, we will provide corresponding technical training. The training time, location, number of people and other specific content can be negotiated. We will provide training conditions such as equipment, venues, and materials for trainers free of charge, as well as accommodation and transportation.
Pre-sales: receive customer consultation at any time and provide free technical support.
On sale: willing to accept customer supervision, ensure safe delivery to the site, and freely guide installation and commissioning.
We also set up an after-sales service team to conduct a return visit system to major customers every quarter each year. The number of return visits is generally not less than 2 to 3 times to check and understand the existing problems of the equipment in use, so that customers can report to the equipment department in time to solve them and prevent The occurrence of major quality problems. Save a lot of maintenance and overhaul time for customers, and won a wide range of social benefits.

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