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Product Quality Commitment

Product Quality Commitment

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1. The following products are all original products of the company:
First, carry out strict quality control on the purchased products, parts and components and materials, carry out strict quality inspections on various materials entering the company, and prevent unqualified products from outside the company; key materials: silicon steel sheet, enameled wire , Rectangular copper wire, cable paper (telephone paper), and transformers are all materials of large national enterprises. The key components of the voltage regulator are the materials purchased by enterprises that have passed the national quality approval.

2. Product "Three Guarantees" content:
The warranty period shall be five years after the equipment is put into operation normally, and it shall be maintained for life. During the warranty period, if there is a problem with the quality of the product caused by non-user damage, our unit will provide repair.

3. Treatment of quality problems:
Strengthen the correction of each key process and technical parameters, such as conducting semi-finished product tests and inspections on iron cores and coils, testing the load performance and quality factor tests after assembling into semi-finished products, pre-controlling key data, and passing the test and inspection before circulation To the next process; strengthen the quality control of the supporting products, strict quality control records and inspections, and organize the quality control of each single piece and assembly parts in accordance with the requirements of the contract, and conduct an overall quality evaluation. Strengthen the test of the overall performance of the test product to ensure that all indicators are implemented in accordance with national standards. Quality is the life of the product, and it is also the company's commitment to the society and performance experience. It is strictly forbidden to send unqualified products to the market.

4. Handling of quality complaints:
We will provide detailed answers within half an hour to the user’s problems during operation. If there is a product quality problem: For example, the quality of our factory’s products will be repaired free of charge after inspection on site; if the site is inspected, it is not our factory’s products. Free overhaul will also be given to quality problems. If the bidding equipment fails, we will arrive at the site for repairs within 24 hours. During the warranty period, we are responsible for repairing or replacing defective parts or the whole machine free of charge.

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