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CJDY series impulse voltage generator


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CJDY series impulse voltage generator

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The series of impulse voltage generators are mainly used for test products such as power equipment to perform lightning impulse voltage full wave, lightning impulse voltage chopping, and operating impulse voltage wave and steep wave impulse voltage tests to inspect insulation performance.
The 1200kV/2400kV and 4800kV series impulse voltage generators can generate three impulse voltage waveforms: standard lightning full wave, operating wave and lightning chopping wave,
1200kV series impulse voltage generator can generate standard lightning wave, operation wave, lightning chopping wave, oscillating lightning wave, oscillating operation wave, line insulator steep wave, combined
There are a total of eight impulse voltage waveforms for the insulator steep wave and the transformer induction operating wave. The technical indicators comply with the national standards and IEC standards, reaching the level of similar products.
The complete set of equipment is complete and the voltage level is complete;
The impulse voltage generator circuit has low inductance and adopts band-stop filtering measures, which can still generate standard impulse voltage waveforms under large capacitance loads, with large load capacity, and is used in scientific research and enterprise units;
High voltage utilization factor, lightning wave and operation wave are not less than 90% and 80% respectively;
The impact body has compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient wave adjustment, simple operation, good synchronization performance, and reliable action;
Using SCR or L C constant current charging automatic control technology, high degree of automation, strong anti-interference ability;
Cut-wave delay adopts electronic delay adjustable circuit or L-C delay mode;
The computer control measurement (optical fiber) system has strong anti-interference ability and high degree of automation.
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