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Power frequency non-partial discharge test transformer


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Power frequency non-partial discharge test transformer

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It is mainly used to test the insulation level of various insulation materials, insulation structures and electrical and power products that can withstand power frequency voltage, and the level of partial discharge. It is widely used in electrical manufacturing departments, power operation departments, scientific research institutions and universities.
50-1800kV non-partial discharge power frequency test transformer, passed two appraisals, national practical patent product certificate for dirty transformer, supporting transformer is the first domestic production, mainly used for Sino-foreign joint venture power transformer manufacturers (such as Shanghai Areva, etc.) The main technical performance has reached the international level of similar products.
The complete set of equipment has strong configurability, complete voltage capacity series and perfect functions. Successfully developed a non-partial discharge epoxy insulating cylinder to ensure that the partial discharge of the system equipment is small, which is better than that of peer companies; adopts DQ130-30 grain-oriented silicon steel sheet, 45° fully oblique seam lamination, product waveform distortion rate and no-load current The smallest similar products in China: low impedance voltage, better than the national standard; automatic control technology and computer (photoelectric) measurement and control, high degree of automation, strong anti-interference ability; fast power protection device, high reliability.
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