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Series impulse current generator


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Series impulse current generator

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The impulse current generator is mainly used to test the ability of electrical equipment to withstand the stability of impulse current. It is widely used in zinc oxide lightning arrester valves for impulse current meteorological lightning protection and can also be used for other research tests.
The impulse current generator can generate 4/10μs, 8/20μS, 10/350μs, 18/40μs standard impulse current waveforms. The technical indicators of the waveform conform to the national and IEC standards, and the product has passed the ministerial appraisal. The main technical performance is in the leading position in the domestic terbium. Reach the advanced technology of international Tongmei products.
1. Small size, compact structure and convenient wave adjustment;
2. The output electric paralysis is large (4/10μs waveform reaches 120kA);
3. This device uses the lower ball cylinder to push the trigger mode, which has good synchronization performance and reliable action;
4. There is a large energy non-inductive energy absorption resistor in series on each main capacitor bushing to ensure the safety of the main capacitor;
5. Using constant current charging computer measurement control-integrated system, high degree of automation, strong anti-interference ability
A. The main technical parameters of the five impulse current waveform generators
a Rated voltage: ±60kV or ±120kV
b 1/20μs steep wave impulse current amplitude 20kA+5%
c 4/10μs impulse current amplitude 100kA±5%
d 8/20μs lightning impulse current amplitude 40kA+5%
e 30/80μs operating impulse current amplitude 2kA±5%
f 18/40μs impulse current amplitude 20kA+5%
B. The main technical parameters of the six impulse current waveform generators
a Rated voltage: ±60kV or ±120kV2000μs
b Square wave impulse current amplitude 1,5kA+5%1/<20 μs
c Steep wave impulse current amplitude 20kA ± 5% 4/10μs
d Impulse current amplitude 100kA ± 5% 8/20μs
e Lightning impulse current amplitude 40kA+5%30/80μs
f Operating impulse current amplitude 2kA ± 5% 18/40μs
g Impulse current amplitude 20kA+5%
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