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DC voltage generator


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DC voltage generator

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The cascade DC high voltage generator is mainly used to detect the performance of various insulating materials under DC high voltage, the DC discharge performance of long air gaps, and large capacitance.
Insulation performance test of capacity samples (power cables, power capacitors, generator sets, etc.); measuring the leakage current of insulating materials and high-voltage electrical products; also used for comparison
High-voltage direct current transmission equipment carries out direct-current high-voltage test. DC high voltage generator is also used as impulse voltage generator, impulse current generator, oscillation circuit and other equipment
DC charging power supply.
The structure is reasonable, the rated voltage is 100kV~2000kV, the output current is large, the voltage drop is small, and the pulsation coefficient is low.
The polarity is changed automatically, and the technical performance is advanced.
1. The voltage drop is small;
2. Low pulsation coefficient;
3. The measured sugar content is high, the output voltage is stable, and the anti-interference ability is strong;
4. When the test is over and the test product is changed, the main body can automatically short-circuit the main capacitor to ground and discharge, with good safety performance;
5. High degree of automation, with two forms of manual control and automatic control.
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